Short Stories

In a future Europe, the citizens of ERIN struggle to find their feet in a inherited world that looks very different from the one we know today.

Through a series of short stories from several European countries, we encounter people in different situations that might arise due to pollution and global warming. Follow them as I write one story at a time and publish it here during the next year.

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In a world ravaged by pollution, drinking water is scarce.

The desalinations plants are working around the clock to supply the American continent with water. But when hazardous toxins are released into the ocean, drinking water must be found elsewhere.

A race amongst nations to develop the  necessary technology first, puts a strain on political relationships as any measure is taken to secure the drinking water first. But Tim knows something Phil doesn't.

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If you have visited Peru and seen the Nazca Lines, you probably wondered how they possibly could have been made. Well, so did I. And then I wrote a short story about it.

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